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Bing 404 for WordPress

Enables WordPress developers to easily manage the "404/Page not found" error by leveraging the Bing search engine

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Instead of sending the default WordPress "404/Page not found" error page to a user who gets the wrong page URL on your site, the Bing404 for WordPress plugin lets WordPress developers use the Bing search engine to easily manage the "404/Page not found".
URLs are often meaningful because they include important keywords. The Bing404 for WordPress plugin extracts those keywords from the URL, pass them on to Bing API to find the matching pages, and display suggestions to the user.
The Bing404 for WordPress plugin uses the Bing Search Library for PHP project (a wrapper on top of the Bing API, which provides a simple way to submit queries to and retrieve results from the Bing Engine).


PHP; WordPress;Bing


Cal Evans


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