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OData SDK for PHP

Enables PHP developers to use the Open Data (OData) protocol specification to interoperate through REST with other platforms like .NET

Project Detail

The ODtata SDK for PHP (formerly called Toolkit for PHP with ADO.NET/WCF Data Services) makes it easier for PHP developers to take advantage of the Open Data (OData) protocol, initially developed by Microsoft with WCF Data Services, a set of features that are part of the .NET Framework. WCF Data Services offer a simple way to expose any sort of data in a RESTful way and is also available with Window Azure and many other technologies (see for a full list).
At design time, the SDK lets you generate proxy classes based on the metadata exposed by the OData Services. At run time, your code uses the PHP proxy classes to easily program against the OData Service using a set of local PHP classes that represent the structure of the remote data. Using RESTful services over HTTP, the communication between the PHP application and OData Services is taken care of by the PHP proxy classes and the Toolkit libraries.


PHP; OData; REST.NET Framework; WCF Data Services; Windows Azure


Persistent Systems Ltd.


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