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Samples for PHP with Webslices & Accelerators

Enables PHP developers to easily add IE 8 Webslices & Accelerator features in their web applications

Project Detail

This project demonstrates how PHP applications can take advantage of the web slices and accelerators introduced with Internet Explorer 8. Web slices are portions of a web page to which a user can subscribe. The tutorial provides instructions and demonstrations for creating and enabling Internet Explorer 8 web slices on pages within a PHP site. In addition it provides two accelerators: an accelerator which can be used to blog content with Wordpress and an accelerator to quickly send an email via your Facebook inbox. In order to view the web slices and accelerators, you must be using Internet Explorer 8. All code can be downloaded as a solution package, which contains sample HTML markup and PHP scripts to create web slices. Additionally, it includes sample accelerators for the Wordpress, Wikimedia, and Facebook platforms.


PHP;Internet Explorer 8; Web Slices; Accelerators




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